17 June 2009

What do you knit?

I love to knit, except I have not tackled my fears of knitting socks, knitting sweaters & clothing. I am however, knitting scarves for a friend of mine who teaches English through the Bible in a country overseas. Where she is living, it gets cold in the winter, so I decided to knit scarves she can give to her students. I am even knitting some scarves she can give to her students that can be worn in fall and spring, light weight, etc. I hope to take photos of them, putting them on the Internet. I really like using ribbon yarn for the light weight scarves. I usually make dropped stitch scarves with the ribbon yarn.
My other knitting love is dishcloths. There are so many new patterns out there, new designs that are coming out, some free, some being given out in my groups monthly & mid-monthly KALS. I enjoy these KALS as I learn new stitches through them.
Hopefully, I will learn to knit socks & clothing one day. I hope I will just overcome my fears, overcome my timidness & just try to knit them. The only way to learn try, even if I have to 'frog' a few times. My on going knitting's is a prayer shawl & a lapghan. The lapghan is a crochet which I am also just learning to do. I will complete it one day, hopefully before the cool months return. I want to use it this year. I will keep you posted on my progress.
Well, I will close for now. God's Blessings & keep on knitting-for yourself, for others, for gifts to give at birthdays, Christmas, for no reason at all. Just keep learning what you can, making new designs as you. Jil

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Anonymous said...

You really must knit socks, I know, they are fun to knit but plenty help here just ask, I'm teaching one of our knitting group WoollyWags to knit socks, she says I shout but little does she know reason I asked her to knit bags on the round was to get her to get used to knitting with circular needles, As my gran used to say "FLY OR WHAT"