19 August 2009

New Yarn


I went to Janet Nogle site today & saw on it a new post by her. I am going to borrow from that post to pass some really interesting
information, as well as, giving you her site address. On her site you will find some free knitting patterns that are really pretty. So here is the neat information.

It seems that Peaches-n-Cremes has a new line of cotton yarn out. It is called PREMIUM & can be seen at:


Check it out you may find out you like it. It is really pretty & the pattern that Janet gives to make out of this new cloth is gorgeous. I hope you enjoy this little tidbit on information. I hope it is a great lead to you.

Thank you Janet for this great bit of information. God's Blessing again. Jil

My Blessing Today


WOW! It has been awhile & I am so sorry. I got behind on mailing out packages but have only three left to get out. Will try to get one out tomorrow & the other two next week. I am frustrated by that.

I am alive & I am so thankful for that. I am recovering from a car accident that has left my back so sore that I just sit. Too much activity means I have to take my pain medication which means sleep. Sleep is not what I like to do. I did not hit anyone but I almost ended hitting on coming traffic on a divided highway. It was raining really hard & I hydroplaned on the road ended up in the median of the road. Lucky we had four wheel drive or I think I would still be stuck there today. Not good. The only fatality was a really big crawdad. We did not eat it though.

Now life is going on. We were blessed to see some updated pictures of our granddaughter that we are not allowed to see right now. We pray each night that we can someday be blessed by being able to see her. We love her deeply & are hurt that our ex-dtr in law will not let us see her. It is not fun in life to have to hurt so bad, but God is blessing us richly.

The New Dishcloth Calendar is out for pre-orders. I am going to pre-order mine soon. I want to get one this year! The 2009 Calendar can still be ordered for download only. Go to their site & check it out. There are 38 patterns in all in this calendar from many talented people. Janet Nogle does a good job putting it together, getting others to send in their patterns. The site address is: http://blog.dishclothcalendar.com/ I hope you will visit the site & order a calender. You will be in for a treat if you do. This site also gives you the blogs of the contributors & others that have helped Janet w/the calender I believe.

I do hope you continue to follow me. I will try to be more diligent in updating the blog, leading you to interesting sites, free knitting patterns, etc.

Have a blessed day as I have. God's Blessings, Jil

22 July 2009

What a Delight I Had Today


What a delight I had tonight with my granddaughter. I have gotten my yarn out to sort through it, restock it and mail what I will not use to some wonderful people who contacted me re: my yarn. Tonight, though, while watching Doc then the President, I was knitting up some fun fur into a scarf. Although, she is only 21 months, she went to my yarn, picked up a ball & some needles, trying to mimicking me knitting. I sat in my chair with her helping her 'knit', by casting on some stitches, showing her how to bring the yarn over & the needle through. Although she lost interest quickly, she tried her hardest to 'knit like her Nana'. I forgot how fast they imitate their surroundings. I forgot how easily you can influence these wee ones at this stage in their life. I hope I have put a little bit of desire in her to want to knit in the future. What a blessing I received from the simple love of my grand-daughter, who so innocently wanted to knit like me. I look forward to the day that I can teach her how to knit, really knit scarves, dishcloths, and such.

My friends granddaughter was here from Florida, soon to be 13. She learned how to knit simple scarves, hats in the past week. She wanted to knit like her Nana. I gave her a copy of a one hour hat pattern. It is free from the Internet. She left today with four scarves and two hats she knitted in one week. She is smart enough to find help sites on knitting to learn how to knit other stitches, from which she can expand her knitting techniques. She will be a good knitter someday. It will not surprise me if she does not learn how to design her own patterns one day. She was so excited. I truly look forward to the day that I can treat my granddaughter how to knit. What fun we will have, what fun we will have.

Good Night for now. I am going to get all my boxes ready to send tomorrow, getting them in the mail hopefully tomorrow afternoon. God's Blessings and Happy Knitting. It is the simple things in life that makes life worth living.


13 July 2009

What to Do?

I hope everyone had a very Happy 4th of July! We had a wonderful Domino party on the 4th of July, after a wonderful cook-out. We saw from a distance some beautiful fireworks. They lit up the sky with red, white & blue. What a wonderful way to honor the United States of America, as well as those who serve & give their lives for our freedom. I think of brother, born in Oklahoma, buried in Arlington Cemetery, honored there for giving his life for this country he loved so much. I smile with pride as I think of my gggrandfather, gggrandfather, my father's & two sons who have given their time to serve this country. I gladly salute you & all of you out there who are knitters, crocheters, who have served this country in so many ways. You are honored here this month.

Knitting Well, it has been a few weeks since I post last. I hate that is has been so long! Writing My dear hubby & I have been going through our closets trying to decide what to keep, what to sell, what to throw away. Have you ever had to do this? Well, while going through our closets, I found several skeins of yarn that I would never use. I don't like the way it feels, the colors etc. Also, I found a book called 'Can't get enough SCRAPS' 26 favorite Scrap Projects for those who like to CROCHET. Since I do not like to Crochet. I am going to notify my knitting sites of this fact, of the crochet book I have found, the yarns. Who ever e-mails me first wanting my books, including up to 5 skeins of yarn until it is gone, they will get them FREE. All they have to do it e-mail me privately w/their snail mail address. They will have to leave a comment on my site that they visited my blog, then e-mail me. I will send the yarn we found-up to 5 skeins per person until it is gone. So if you don't get in on the free Crochet book, you still have a chance to win some of the yarn skeins. If you are a follower & wish to enter, you are welcome also.

My e-mail address is jilwoodruffpulley@hotmail.com

Put subject as Crochet Book/Skeins of Yarn. I will answer answer you as quickly as I can. Good luck. I want my Crochet book & Skeins of Yarn to find good homes. God's Blessings, Jil


27 June 2009

Fun Things To Know and other Oddities

I found this on Faith, Hope, Charity-Yarn Snippets
(not the cow)

I collect Cows, so I thought I would post the picture of it on this post. I love knitting, most yarn comes from sheep or is man made. However, sheep don't seem to be as cute to me. However the below I found on a knitting blog & decided to borrow the concept, not the answers. The answers below are mine. If you want to see the original author's answers you can go to her site noted below. Enjoy & answer them yourself on your blog. Let people see a little more about you, maybe even laugh at yourself some by your own answers. If you can make someone else laugh or enjoy life a little more, then you have blessed them more than you ever will know. So, here we gooooooo....................

Some Basic Fun Facts
20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color----Lavenders, Greens, Reds, Yellows, Purple
2. Dessert----Strawberries, fresh lush strawberries
3. Smell-----Summer Sorbet, Lavender
4. Flower-----Yellow Roses & Daises
5. Animal-----Dog, Toy Poodle to be exact
6. Month-----December
7. Beverage----Raspberry Tea & Diet Vanilla Coke w/extra ice
8. Pair of shoes----Red, White & Blue Birkenstock Sandals
9. Snack-----Veggies & Dip
10. Song-----How Great is our God
11. Book-----Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
12. Fruit----Strawberries & Watermelon
13. Hairstyle-----Short Bob
14. Piece of clothing------White Crinkled Dress
15. Store to clothes shop---Coldwater Creek
16. Season-----Fall
17. Hobby----Knitting, Reading, Scrapbooking
18. Thing to collect-----Cows, Crosses, Dolls, Salt & Pepper Shakers
19. Movie-----Last of the Mohican's, Shenandoah, In Harms Way, They were Expendable, Mrs. Miniver, Tora, Tora, Tora, The Blue and the Gray, Three Women, Beulah Land
20. Restaurant-----Mike's Place, Conway, AR

Found at: http://wwwblogaroony.blogspot.com/

Faith, Hope, Charity, & Yarn Snippets

23 June 2009


I am going to start knitting a dishcloth KAL tomorrow. I will post a picture when I finish. I will also post a picture of the scarves I have knitted for my missionary friend in Europe. She uses them to give to her students as she teaches them English using the Bible. She has done this for 10 years or longer. I have knitted her heavy ones, light ones along with some my cousin-in-law has knitted & gave to send to her. Her mother is leaving in July & has offered to take them to her, so I can save money from not having to mail them myself. People are so generous in my life. I am so thankful for the help I have gotten in my knitting charity, along with a new charity I joined myself. It is called Bluebonnet Babies. I am excited about being a part of this group. I am hoping I can knit up to their ability. I do enjoy kitting & will hopefully be able to knit simple baby blankets for the preemies they give to. I don't know how to knit clothing yet, but I do believe that I can knit a hat for preemies if I try.
I hope all of you that love to knit, especially for those who love to knit for charities will look this charity knitting group & consider joining in their cause. It a group from Texas, so those in Texas would be a great help to this group. I am going to do my best to join up in the cause. God's Blessings

One Hour Baby Hat

I have been surfing lately and have found a neat site. It had a One Hour Baby Hat knit pattern on it, free. It is a fun hat I think. On this site, the individual has a seperate site where they sell their own hand dyed wool. From what I have seen so far, the hand dyed wool is beautiful. I am going to look at their site where I can view more of the hand dyed wool. I will put a picture of the One Hour Baby Hat found at http://www.calanacrafts.blogspot.com/. Also, even though they are found in Scotland, here is the site for their hand dyed wool http://www.calanacrafts.co.uk/ . Have a look at this blogspot. It is interesting. Here is a picture of the hat they created.

I really liked the hat on the bear. I looks really good. I am glad I found this blogspot. Go by and visit their sites. You might even want to order some of their hand dyed yarn. God's Blessings Jil