19 August 2009

My Blessing Today


WOW! It has been awhile & I am so sorry. I got behind on mailing out packages but have only three left to get out. Will try to get one out tomorrow & the other two next week. I am frustrated by that.

I am alive & I am so thankful for that. I am recovering from a car accident that has left my back so sore that I just sit. Too much activity means I have to take my pain medication which means sleep. Sleep is not what I like to do. I did not hit anyone but I almost ended hitting on coming traffic on a divided highway. It was raining really hard & I hydroplaned on the road ended up in the median of the road. Lucky we had four wheel drive or I think I would still be stuck there today. Not good. The only fatality was a really big crawdad. We did not eat it though.

Now life is going on. We were blessed to see some updated pictures of our granddaughter that we are not allowed to see right now. We pray each night that we can someday be blessed by being able to see her. We love her deeply & are hurt that our ex-dtr in law will not let us see her. It is not fun in life to have to hurt so bad, but God is blessing us richly.

The New Dishcloth Calendar is out for pre-orders. I am going to pre-order mine soon. I want to get one this year! The 2009 Calendar can still be ordered for download only. Go to their site & check it out. There are 38 patterns in all in this calendar from many talented people. Janet Nogle does a good job putting it together, getting others to send in their patterns. The site address is: http://blog.dishclothcalendar.com/ I hope you will visit the site & order a calender. You will be in for a treat if you do. This site also gives you the blogs of the contributors & others that have helped Janet w/the calender I believe.

I do hope you continue to follow me. I will try to be more diligent in updating the blog, leading you to interesting sites, free knitting patterns, etc.

Have a blessed day as I have. God's Blessings, Jil

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Tenderknitheart said...

Sorry to read of your car accident. You never know what life will bring. Back injuries are no fun. Hope you heal quickly. I thought perhaps you got busy and forgot to send out my package. But, do understand. Hugs, Barb