22 July 2009

What a Delight I Had Today


What a delight I had tonight with my granddaughter. I have gotten my yarn out to sort through it, restock it and mail what I will not use to some wonderful people who contacted me re: my yarn. Tonight, though, while watching Doc then the President, I was knitting up some fun fur into a scarf. Although, she is only 21 months, she went to my yarn, picked up a ball & some needles, trying to mimicking me knitting. I sat in my chair with her helping her 'knit', by casting on some stitches, showing her how to bring the yarn over & the needle through. Although she lost interest quickly, she tried her hardest to 'knit like her Nana'. I forgot how fast they imitate their surroundings. I forgot how easily you can influence these wee ones at this stage in their life. I hope I have put a little bit of desire in her to want to knit in the future. What a blessing I received from the simple love of my grand-daughter, who so innocently wanted to knit like me. I look forward to the day that I can teach her how to knit, really knit scarves, dishcloths, and such.

My friends granddaughter was here from Florida, soon to be 13. She learned how to knit simple scarves, hats in the past week. She wanted to knit like her Nana. I gave her a copy of a one hour hat pattern. It is free from the Internet. She left today with four scarves and two hats she knitted in one week. She is smart enough to find help sites on knitting to learn how to knit other stitches, from which she can expand her knitting techniques. She will be a good knitter someday. It will not surprise me if she does not learn how to design her own patterns one day. She was so excited. I truly look forward to the day that I can treat my granddaughter how to knit. What fun we will have, what fun we will have.

Good Night for now. I am going to get all my boxes ready to send tomorrow, getting them in the mail hopefully tomorrow afternoon. God's Blessings and Happy Knitting. It is the simple things in life that makes life worth living.


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searchfamilies said...

It nice to hear that youngesters are still learning & wanting to knit
Hugs Janice