23 June 2009

One Hour Baby Hat

I have been surfing lately and have found a neat site. It had a One Hour Baby Hat knit pattern on it, free. It is a fun hat I think. On this site, the individual has a seperate site where they sell their own hand dyed wool. From what I have seen so far, the hand dyed wool is beautiful. I am going to look at their site where I can view more of the hand dyed wool. I will put a picture of the One Hour Baby Hat found at http://www.calanacrafts.blogspot.com/. Also, even though they are found in Scotland, here is the site for their hand dyed wool http://www.calanacrafts.co.uk/ . Have a look at this blogspot. It is interesting. Here is a picture of the hat they created.

I really liked the hat on the bear. I looks really good. I am glad I found this blogspot. Go by and visit their sites. You might even want to order some of their hand dyed yarn. God's Blessings Jil

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your fantastic comments, much appreciated, blessings Joan