01 May 2009

Saving your Sanity by knitting!

Have you just had one of those days where you thought you were just going to lose it? I have. I have found though, as many knitters have, that by pulling out your knitting, start knitting, a behold~you relax, your mind is at ease~your sanity has not been lost. Now you don't have to go look for your lost sanity. It is still there!
Many times I feel so much better if I 'frog' while knitting, having to tear out my knitting as starting over again. It seems that by 'frogging' you can release your frustrations out on your yarn, not on your self or on some unsuspecting friend or loved one.
Your yarn is very forgiving, very loving, not really aware that by your 'frogging' it has just been the receiver of your frustrations for the day. Your yarn, which never really did anything to you, gladly accepts your 'frogging', because 'despite popular belief' your trusted friend, your yarn does not have feelings, it just needs to be treated with some respect.
'Frogging' is a life saver to many of us-no matter what gender. Because, we who control what we do with our yarn, it always, well almost always, follows our needles to be made into what ever we desire it to be, with little to no protest of what it is being used for. It could be a sweater, a scarf, a dishcloth, table cloth, bedspread with out any protest from the yarn itself.
Once in a while however, our yarn gets a mind of its' own, when it tries to tangle itself up, which in turn causes our frustration to increase as we untangle the yarn, that so rudely tangled itself up! It becomes a battle of wills, yours or the yarn. I refuse to let the yarn win! While working until my fingers hurt, getting the last knot & tangle out. I will not let the yarn win by making me put it aside, using another skein of yarn to make my project up with. The yarn will eventually fall in this battle, not me. Besides, I do feel victorious when I get the final tangle & knot out. How about you?
Isn't knitting fun, challenging, yet a great way to release our stress! Despite the setbacks, the 'frogging', the dropped stitches, misread, misunderstood patterns, KNITTING is a blast. Knitting is a great way to relax after a day of being a mom, secretary, dietitian, nurse, judge, therapists-what a way to take care of your self. Hope you have fun knitting today!

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