26 July 2008

When Is Your Country Fair?

When is your country fair? Ours, that is the one in Searcy, is coming up in Sept. I am hoping to enter some of my knitting. I am hoping to enter a few dishcloths of different styles, a scarf or two, & maybe my one hour hat. Maybe, I might just go slow & knit a dishcloth or two & a scarf. I just want to be able to enter the fair this year with a knitting project or two, since I have not been a knitter that long. I am proud of my ability to knit-not in a 'I better than you way' but just proud I was able to learn what I have so far. Is that okay? I think it is......
So when is your County or State Fair? What of your knitting or other crafts are you going to show at them? I know that there are many knitters out there, so share what you are going to show or have shown at your County or State Fair. There are so many talented knitters that I have seen in my Yahoo Groups I am in, I can see many of them showing their knitting accomplishments to others-I am excited to hear from everyone. Good luck as you enter, God Bless you for sharing your talents with others. Have a happy weekend!!!!!


AllyJo said...

I hope you'll knit me a dish rag for Christmas. :) I love those things.

God be with you.

Elisa said...

Ours is the last week of July.

Nancy said...

Our county fair is in Owensville, Ohio and is for Clermont County, Ohio it is a small but very nice fair and is in August.

Nancy said...

Also you have a very nice blog.
I really enjoyed it.