26 July 2008

I have been gone too long......

It has been too long since I have been here, talking about my knitting & such, but I have been sick, along with family members having struggles-to the point of keeping me so busy I can hardly do anything. I have finished three, no four exchanges-some late but are going out on Monday. That relieves some pressure off my shoulders & mind.
I wanting to knit for myself-doing some catch up on-just to knit for myself some things I want to knit, getting ready for Christmas gifts and all. I am going to give some to family and friends-surprises, as I found some really neat patterns to knit. I love the Christmas Season-the giving of gifts, that's what live is all about. Give to those, expecting nothing in return--Christmas is so much fun! How many of you love Christmas-knitting up surprises for family-enjoying the faces of surprise--the sounds of ooooh-aaaaaaah! Not only do I love the giving-I love the season itself-the decorations--decorating the tree--the house--seeing the kids {even the adults}--as the watch the lights turn on in their homes-at the parade-in the parks-even on the carriage ride. How can you not like Christmas?
I hope you enjoy knitting & making your own gifts-creations. Life is to short not to enjoy what you like to do as a hobby-or your work so you can stay home with your family. Keep it up and enjoy!!!!

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