09 July 2008

I love the Ozarks..........

I love the Ozarks, especially in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. The picture above was taken in Taney County Missouri. Other than the Ozarks, I fell in love with the Smokey Mountains. They were breath taking, more so when shown in the modern day movie of "The Last of the Mohicans". My d/hubby and I are looking for places that we could retire to somewhere in the Ozarks or the Smokey Mountains.
I want to retire around Branson, MO if possible, mainly b/cause of the entertainment it has all the music-mountain, bluegrass, as well as, all the musical shows in Branson, that one would ever want besides being up in the Ozarks. When we visit Branson I never want to leave-it is one place that I can stay & feel a peace I find no where else. It is a place that is close to God-an area that we can be encourage in addition to encouraging others.
The land and Ozarks are beautiful, beyond words, & at Christmas time, it turns into a fantasy land beyond all imagination! There is so much peace in these mountains, so much time to just sit back and think-to pray-to listen for God's words to touch your heart, soul & mind.
I dream of sitting on my front porch, sitting in one rocking chair while my husband is in the other, playing his guitar and singing to me as tho' time had not passed and we were young, my listening to him sing, playing to his hearts' content-& man can he play and sing still today. I love my husband dearly-even after 30 years and age is starting to take over and show. He still thrills me to my soul, loves me as we have never loved before-as our love grows as each day passes. May each of you be as blessed as I have with the most wonderful husband God could create.

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