12 July 2008

I have a few to more to go.......

I have almost caught up on my exchanges except for a few. Hopefully, I can & will become busy as a bee-getting all caught up on my exchanges, even those not due yet. I am waiting for a few glass beads to finish one, finally got the addresses I misplaced to mail out some exchanges. I love making and exchanging stitch markers with others, as I like to surprise them & be sur- prised by their gifts. They always come when I least expect them, brightening my days when I need it most. I have sites that can help you learn how to make stitch markers yourselves, can show you pictures of ones I have received or have made. Leave me a comment with your e-mail or e-mail me at: jilwoodruffpulley@hotmail.com if you want me to send you the information. Have a great time knitting like busy bees.

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